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About the Practitioner

Hello and Welcome to Discover Therapeutic Massage.  

My name is Linda Steinfeldt.  

A Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 1995, I am a proud member of Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Pennsylvania.  

 I am certified in Deep Muscle Therapy,  

 Advanced Integrative Massage Techniques ( Which includes a piece of trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Swedish, Trager, and proprioceptive neuromuscular stretching),

 Muscle Release Technique,

 Thai for the Table,

 Fortunate Face natural face lift massage,

 Pregnancy Massage (with the Prego Pillow you can lie face down throughout your pregnancy!),


 Pranic Healing

 and Foot Reflexology.  

 I am currently studying Lymphatic DrainageMyofascial ReleaseBowen Work and Qi Gong.

 I have a Bachelor of Science degree from East Stroudsburg University in Health and Physical Education .  I worked in Real Estate and Mortgage origination before coming back to my passion - working with the body.

Being in sales gave me a headache - literally, you know - sales, pressure... and I believed that massage was going to help me, but I could never find anyone who could get rid of my headaches.  I tried lots of different massage therapists, who were all very nice, but I'd go in with a headache, fall asleep, and wake up with a headache - and I was paying for this!  I knew there was a way to use massage to help people get rid of their headaches once and for all, and I made it the focus of my career.  See my page on headaches for more information.

I attended the School of Body Therapies in Langhorne, PA for certification as a deep muscle therapist in 1995, and continued with Advanced Integrative Massage Technique training there.  Since then I have taken numerous courses to expand my repertoire of healing modalities.                    

My philosophy is that the mind and body are inextricably connected, and have significant influence on one another.  With massage therapy I can help your body heal, and help you find ways for your mind and body to communicate more clearly.

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