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Massage and Chiropractic are perfect together.  


If you inderstand that it is the muscles that hold the bones in place or out of place, then you know it makes sense to work on the muscles before having a chiropractic adjustment.  When the muscles are balanced, the bones are willing and able to return to their correct positions and stay there.  When you have pain that you are told is caused by a pinched nerve, ask yourself what might be pinching it.  Both muscles and bones can pinch nerves.  If you haven't had a trauma, like a car accident or a fall, most likely the cause your your pinched nerve is muscle tension.  If your muscles are tense enough, they can pull on the bones hard enough to cause pain and nerve pinching - so then it looks like the bone is pinching the nerve, but without muscle therapy it will take many adjustments to get that bone, the one held in place by the tight muscles, to move off of that nerve and give you lasting relief.


Massage therapists and Physical Therapists often approach pain from different perspectives.

Physical therapists frequently say that if an area is injured it is weak and must be strenghthened.  They prescribe exercises for you to do with or without them.  You know people for whom that has worked and people for whom it has not.  

Massage Therapists agree that if an area is injured it is weak, but we feel that the muscle tissue needs to heal before you can strengthen it.  You wouldn't walk on a broken leg to strengthen it before it was healed, right?  In that way bones and muscles are alike.  Torn, sprained, strained, bruised, pulled are all differnt ways of saying the muscle fibers are damaged, like a broken bone.  Also like a broke bone, the muscle fibers need to be realigned for speedy and effective recovery.  Massage therapy can speed the healing time and improve the range of motion (flexibility) of an area so when you are ready to exercise and regain your strength, you will have greater success.  The greater flexibility you have, the greater the potential strength of your muscles and the less likely you are to be injured when exercising.

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