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I just started asking for testimonials today, 11/26/13.

Feel free to email me or call with your testimonials.  Thanks!


12/9/13      "Awesome!  My miracle worker!  Fixes every ache and pain I bring to her - carpal tunnel, sciatic, whatever it is, Linda takes care of it!" 

                                                                                Dave McClure


11/30/13    "Best massage I ever had - I'm very happy to have found Linda!"



12/15/13     "I've been a client of Linda Steinfeldt's for more than a decade. 

She has helped me dramatically with a number of problems including

headaches and back, neck and shoulder pain.  I recommend her very highly."

                                                                                 Leo Berenstain


12/ 16/13     "I never need a 'reminder card' when I book my next appointment with Linda, the date and time are engrained in my mind because I can't wait!  She attends to so many details during the massage, and the environment is so relaxing.  Every year, I am anxious to get her holiday Gift Certificates so I can share my  'find' with my friends and family."

                                                                                 Lynne Mc


12/23/13     "I have been receiving therapeutic massages for 20+ years and     Linda is the best therapist ever.  She is skilled, dedicated always tuned in to healing.  I recommend her to anyone who needs Massage Therapy."



12/29/13     "You get MUCH MORE than just a massage; You partake in a Holistic HEALING EXPEREINCE.  Linda's naturally empathetic & caring nature paired with the comforting & soothing environment she creates, truly delivers a Safe & Therapeutic Resoring space."

                                                                                 Amy Siock


1/17/14     "I have been a client of Linda's for 10+ years.  I am a dental hygienist and prior to her therapy had suffered from chronic neck pain, headaches and painful numbing in my hands so significant I was considering surgery and changing from a career which I love.  Since starting treatment and maintaining my visits regularly my symptoms have improved dramatically.  Linda is a truly gifted therapist on so many levels.  She is so in tune to my body's needs, whether I am aware of them or not at the time.  I joke that she has a sixth sense!  Linda is incredibly caring and sensitive.  The environment is so relaxing and I feel like a new person after my appointment,  always looking forward to the next.  Absolutely amazing!"


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