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I can help relieve:

* Sinus Pain

* Migraines 

* Too much computer time head and neck pain

* TMJ pain

* All types of headaches  


      Headaches have needlessly become part of the fabric of every day modern life for many people.  Americans lose more work time due to headaches than almost any other malady.  They interfere with family time, vacations, and fitness routines.  We take dangerous medicines in search of relief.  We spend hours alone in dark rooms praying for the pain to end...

      Research indicates that a factor in most types of headaches is muscle tension.  Whether your headaches have been labeled tension, migraine, sinus, allergy, TMJ related, cluster, hormonal - whatever - the body responds to that stimuli with muscle tension which causes the headache.  In fact, many people who think they have sinus headaches that are so bad they don't respond to sinus medication actually have tension headaches!  By knowing how to access hard to reach areas of the body where the most tension is held, I can release the headache in the moment, help you and your doctor find and deal with your triggers, and help you retrain your body to respond differently to the stimuli in the future thus breaking the cycle of headaches for you.  Imagine the freedom!  

You have nothing to lose and your life to regain.  

Call today for a free consultation.  It just might change your life!

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