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Providing profound relaxation, Managing migraines, Morton's neuroma, and all aliments A-Z


There's a reason you get headaches, and together we're going to find it!

I used to get Headaches.

That's why I became a massage therapist - 

I knew there had to be a connection between muscle tension and 

headaches, but every massage I got just put me to sleep,

and I'd wake up with the same headache!

So I learned what causes headaches, and what to do to eliminate them,

and after nearly 25 years, people say I'm pretty darn good at it.

Massage may not be the whole answer to your headache puzzle,

But there is an answer, there is HOPE.  Let me help you find your answer today.


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Call today for a free consultation.       It just might change your life!

I can help relieve:

* Sinus Pain

* Migraines 

* Head and neck pain from too much computer time

* TMJ pain

* All types of headaches  



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